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We offer TV Mounting in San Diego, CA.


We are all licensed & insured with a great crew with unmatched work ethics and personality. The TV Mounting Service we provide is high quality, we can mount your tv on Drywall, Brick, Concrete and quartz. We also mount tv's on fireplaces and yWe can mount the tv at a rapid pace, Conceal the wires to make it look good, & give you quotes at no obligation. We're an ethical company that is local to San Diego and committed to giving you the best tv mounting service in San Diego

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Why you should go with us?



  • Very Experienced: We have a lot of experience and we're great at what we do. TV Mounting is ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs out there so its important to pick a company with at least 10 years experience.


  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded: This means the homeowner is protected from any liability should an accident occur. We train our crew on strict safety guidelines, & we do whatever it takes to protect your property and our staff, even if it means bringing in more equipment.


  • Our Reputation: We have built a strong base of loyal customers in San Diego, if you want to hear some cross references that's no problem with us. Just give us a call to find out what past customers of ours to contact.


  • Affordable Pricing: We always quote a fair price based on our experience and knowledge in what it takes to get the job done properly. Call us today to get a Free Estimate, you may be pleasantly surprised at our great rates.

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What TV Installation services will be required?

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How High Should I Mount a Flat Screen TV for the Best TV-Viewing Experience?

How High Should You Hang a TV?
The TV Height is usually based on the size of the room & the TV Size

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Story of San Diego Modern Mounters



    We have been local to San Diego for many years and care a lot about this community. Many of us went to the public schools here and our company gets involved in charity and other public events. We are proud to call this great city our home. The owner of this crew loves serving his community. TV Mounting is another passion because we are group of guys that's more cut out to be that love what we do. We grew up as kids learning how to use tools and are very tech savvy. learning from a young age that it's fun to build stuff and fix things. We never lost that joy for learning to create safely and efficiently, and since we started our own tv mounting business in San Diego, we continued to improve our processes and offer high quality service such as being able to mount tv's that a lot of the other companies will walk away from due to lack of skills & equipment. Many of our returning customers tell us that they feel that they can trust us because of our great communication over the phone and in person, as well as our great crew that is both friendly, knowledgeable & highly trained and skilled. Just from the way we carry ourselves and finishing every project in timely manner to the very end including cleaning up after ourselves, will hold testament to the fact that we are true professionals that take our jobs very seriously and care about your total satisfaction.

Top Reasons for TV Mounting
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Other Reasons


  • to keep the TV's looking great and staying level after installation: Mounters have to be precise & have good wire management skills.

  • Keeping the tv looking great for a long period of time is the key.

  • Prevent TV from falling off the wall when hiring the right company. Yes other people can do it with little skill, but if you want it done right you have to call the professionals who specialize in it. 

  • Mounting your tv is safer for childen. Did you know that there used to be a statistic that said every 41 minutes a child goes to the hospital for having a tv drop on them.

    Luckily that statistic isn't true anymore since the growing demand for tv installation.


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Why it is important to pick a good TV Mounting Service company?
TV Mounting ranks as one of the top DIY projects that you're better off hiring a professional. This is why it is critical for you to be wary of TV mounting companies that quote significantly lower than some of the more well established companies in San Diego like us or Hello-Tech and San diego tv install. Some tv mounting really does require more high-end equipment when installing tv's safe and efficiently. 

You also want to make sure the company is licensed & insured, or you could fall liable if an accident was to occur. When we are talking about a job where a mounter drills into a pipe, breaks your tv, if proper safety precaution are not utilized consistently, the potential risk for an accident is enormous. 


Our company is extremely strict on safety. When we hire people how cautious and safe that person is working is how we primarily decide who gets to work with us. We would much rather have cautious, slower paced individual than a fast paced, less cautious tv mounter any day. We can train a safe worker into an excellent tv mounter because what we value as a company is quality of service for the customer not how much money we can squeeze in 1 day by going fast. We care about our reputation and to uphold high reputation we must have safe workers that are willing to pay attention every minute they are on the job. This sort of attention to detail and care is hard to teach someone that always wants to rush things. using the latest & best techniques in advanced tv mounting


please don't hesitate to give us a call at 858-333-6773. We take these calls very seriously and we'll take care of it at our earliest convenience. The owner of this company works in the company, so we guarantee great service. We come to your property pronto with San diego best tv mounting installation with over 2000 wall mounted. You are in good hands for all your tv mounting needs.

We are San Diego's Best TV mounting service company!
We bring you quality tree service at affordable rates in San Diego CA!

With over 2000 Tv's installed we have lots of experience to do it right!!

We have the crew & the equipment with strict emphasis on safety. 

We are family owned and operated business that's passionate about giving customer's high end tv mounting & care that gets repeat customers & word of mouth referrals.

Let us show you what San Diego TV Mounting & Shelf Mounting is all about!

Call us today: 858-333-6773

Company Goals & Mission


Our goal is to become the biggest Tree Service company in West Michigan that has the highest level of customer service out of any company out there. We are committed each and every day to provide the finest customer service to our clients by always making sure that we are increasing our skills and proficiency to handle any tree service job out there in Grand Rapids.

We have great compensation for our crew so that we are able to get the best group of tree cutters, climbers & ground crew there is. Our crew excels what they do because each one of their pay and success is tied to getting more business which only come as a result of doing a fine job for our clients so that they will call us back. 

The owner of this company still oversees majority of the projects and we have several seasoned veterans that are team leaders to ensure that the expertise level on every job remains one of the highest for tree removal in all Rockford & Forest Hills. 

By showing honesty, integrity & great workmanship we hope to be your go to tv mounting service in San Diego for the next 20 years. Because we have big goals for our company it drives us to continually improve our service and make sure that our clients receive top notch service. We continue to invest in new equipment that allows us to get the job done faster and safer. So if you want a premium tv mounting & wire concealment or even the difficult job that other companies will walk away from, we will always take your call and we are ready to serve you.

Our mission is to be the most dependable, reliable & safe TV mounting & Wall mounting company in San Diego.


Modern Mounters - TV Mounting Service                                                      
(858) 333-6773



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